Cabilly & Co.

Cabilly & Co. is one of the only law firms in the world that combine years of expertise in intellectual property and daily interactions with Amazon sellers. The attorneys at Cabilly & Co. accompany Amazon and e-commerce sellers in every step of their business journey- from registering their IP rights in trademarks, patents, and copyright, to assisting them with day-to-day issues that arise on the selling platforms. Since our foundation, we have assisted over 6,000 Amazon sellers in protecting their businesses.

The firm was founded by Yael Cabilly, a NY attorney who was recently ranked among the top 20 trademark lawyers in the United States. Yael and the firm’s attorneys have advised thousands of E-commerce sellers on various legal issues.

Simple Forwarding

Customs Clearance and Duty Drawback

Duty Drawback | FCL, LCL, Air Freight | Customs clearance into Canada and US | Trucking to all Amazon centers in Canada. | Will help you navigate the complex ocean of international shipping and customs clearance as well with final mile to your warehouse or Amazon FC.


We process e-commerce marketplace transaction data into QuickBooks with one click! We do this consistently and accurately, and the cherry on top is that our reporting gives you per SKU costs & margins in an extremely actionable manner.


Selling on Amazon, Shopify, Ebay or Walmart? ConnectBooks is the only 100% accurate way to sync all data to Quickbooks and understand bottom line revenue for each item. It automates your accounting, tracks your inventory and calculates profits for you.

In one click, the app pulls your cost of goods from Quickbooks and all reports from your marketplaces, and:

  • Syncs ALL your data —sales, inventory, fees, settlements, returns— to Quickbooks
  • Tracks & updates inventory in each warehouse in realtime
  • Shows you net profits & sales per item, category, seller or more — in one view


With a 5-star rating on Intuit and Amazon, over 1,000 marketplace sellers use Connectbooks to save at least 20 hours each month on accounting, get clear about profits and scale faster.

Setup is fast, easy and risk-free, with a 1:1 Quickbooks setup with a professional bookkeeper at no cost, and a free 30-day trial.

PingPong Payments

PingPong Payments is a global payments company that simplifies international payments for e-commerce sellers, buyers and suppliers. More than 1,000,000 online sellers around the world trust and use PingPong’s award-winning services to help them keep more of their hard-earned profits on cross-border, VAT, and supplier payments, and many more.

PingPong exists to provide Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) the access to international bank accounts, more affordable transaction fees and FX rates, and faster transaction time for growing their businesses and boosting efficiencies by offering a secure, all-in-one platform to manage their financial operations.

PingPong connects the buyers, wholesalers and importers in the US & CA with the suppliers and manufacturers in Asia by eliminating the friction and risk from inflation and currency fluctuations, thanks to its large client network of suppliers and banking partners in China, Vietnam, India, South Korea and the rest of Asia.

Through PingPong’s dedicated network, businesses can transact locally, and from anywhere in the world, giving our customers more control and scalability.

Don’t be bound by borders, be free to prosper with PingPong.


Virtual FX Account
Get your Amazon payments in $CAD. Avoid needless currency exchange and beat the bank on FX rates every time.
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